On the Loire à Vélo route, and on the route de la Compostelle, the Street Art Parc has been hosting artistic residencies for 3 years, allowing street art artists to express themselves far from their urban environment. Every summer, visitors of the Street Art Parc are invited to explore the 5 hectares of the park and discover the works created by our artists. Botanists will not escape the presence of many hundred-year-old trees with rare species such as yews, cedars, larches and maritime pines. The park is also testimony to the history of Candes-Saint-Martin: bordered by the medieval ramparts of the village, there are traces of a Gallo-Roman city, but also a mysterious arena, unique in Touraine, which no one knows the origins. The street artist Popay has invested it with her colorful art. The visitor will inevitably feel this well-being during his stroll. The Feng Shui atmosphere of the park is surely the reason why the writer Renée Boylesve set the action of its novel La leçon d’amour dans un parc (1902).

The presence of works that are usually found in an urban environment in the park of a castle at the Loire Valley is very refreshing and corresponds to the offbeat spirit that the owners of the Château de Candes have resolutely wished to adopt.
This summer the parc will host night events every saturday with Fire show, diner, music and more surprises…

installation in the park