The pressoir and its troglodyte are opened for the guests of the castle and the suites, to encounter and enjoy breakfast.

In the morning, tasty breakfasts will be served there from 7:30am to 9:30am.

Rate :
25 euros per Adult
18 euros for the children below12 years old
free below 3

During the day, these spaces will also be a place of meeting with our team and other residents.

The Pressoir and its troglodyte is an exceptional place combining a majestic room, which houses the remains of a winepress and a Troglodyte cellar which offer a unique freshness on hot summer days.
Accessible directly from the pressoir, the troglodyte room has been refurbished in 2014, we discover the underground leading to the cellars as well as several other screw presses. The space area, more than 200m2 with a suspended crystal chandeliers and its lighting make this mineral space a magical space with surprising contrasts.



The particularity of the winepress comes from its operation: a rope that is wrapped around the winch operates the transverse beam engaged in the mortise, this winepress dating from the 18th century owes its name to the danger it represented for its users, the rope can break at any time! Named Casse-cou in French, something like daredevil in English. The juice of the grapes once pressed was collected in a tank on the level below and routed through a terracotta gutter along an underground 80 meters long passage, poured into a huge tank that can still be seen under the castle’s terrace. The grape juice was kept in huge oak barrels. One of these barrels is still in place in one of the 4 huge cellars located under the current terrace of the castle. These huge cellars were formerly intended for the storage of wine barrels before their transport to the Loire, are as many witnesses of the intense wine-growing activity, which took place at the Château de Candes-Saint-Martin when it was the property of the bishops of Tours.